LIVE with MINNEmassive

New gig! I’ll be playing along side some of the best drum and bass Dj’s in Minneapolis this Monday. I’m up at 8p CST.

MINNEmassive: 6 hours of drum and bass every Monday played out on Sub Assassins Radio. Party starts at 6p CST


.com has a new look! was hosted on, until this last week. The moment I heard that Posterous was shutting down I started looking around for another solution. To the rescue was my good friend Aimee. Now I have this sweet looking site powered by WordPress.

It’s a work in progress so don’t be confused if you don’t see everything you’re used to seeing. It’s coming soon.

Solo, not Yolo

Well, I did it. I paid for a Solo membership with SoundCloud. Now I have up to 12 hours of upload space. Much more than the standard 60, maybe 90 minutes that you get with your free account.

I still feel that my primary site will be Mixcloud because I like the interface better. Mainly the time stamping of mixes so I know what song is playing when. But because SoundCloud is the largest play out there I felt I needed a larger presence.

Still unsure right now if I’m going to upload all of my past mixes just yet. Maybe a couple of the more popular ones.

Just an idea…

I was wondering; would anybody care to know my music selection/mix process? Was thinking of recording 15 minutes of me searching, trying and mixing a song for a mix. Just to show you how I do my thing. Audio only; no video.


Going Global

Since I last posted something grand has happened. Some fellow DJ’s and I formed a crew called The Global EDM Cartel. We’re a collection of DJ’s from around the globe. So far we have 8 members; 4 from across the United States, 3 from the UK and 1 in Lithuania. As a group we play most of the big name styles: breaks, dubstep, drum and bass, electro, house, progressive, dance and some of the sub genres within those.

We put on a show once a month using There anybody can tune in and lisen to our live sets. We usually play 45 minute sets each and play them all back to back.

This can only make us better DJs. As they improve I will do my best to keep up. And hopefully as I get better they’ll catch up to me.

We are The Global EDM Cartel!

Find us here: