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Going Global

Since I last posted something grand has happened. Some fellow DJ’s and I formed a crew called The Global EDM Cartel. We’re a collection of DJ’s from around the globe. So far we have 8 members; 4 from across the United States, 3 from the UK and 1 in Lithuania. As a group we play most of the big name styles: breaks, dubstep, drum and bass, electro, house, progressive, dance and some of the sub genres within those.

We put on a show once a month using There anybody can tune in and lisen to our live sets. We usually play 45 minute sets each and play them all back to back.

This can only make us better DJs. As they improve I will do my best to keep up. And hopefully as I get better they’ll catch up to me.

We are The Global EDM Cartel!

Find us here: