It’s so easy when you ain’t trying.

I’m working on a chill-to-hype house mix for a house party my firend is putting on. Sadly it’s just too far away for me to attend in person so he asked me to send a mix over.

For the past week I’ve been trying to record it but I’m fucking up at every turn. I’ve never mixed house before and I’m using a mix style that needs super accuracy. So naturally I’m concentrating like crazy to keep things in time and on beat.

So after another failed attempt I needed a break. I but on some Break Beat tracks and just started fucking around. Grabbing tracks on a whim and smashing them together. I found out that I could do no wrong. I discovered that I do better when I’m not trying.

Last night I decided to try recording with my new discovery. It was a big party for one and I was rockin’ it. Again I could do no wrong. Fuck yeah! Everything was sounding awesome. The real test will be when I listen back after I record part two.

The party is on June 9th. I’ll post the mix a day or two after on my usual spots.


Just incase you have to know what I listened to as I wrote this; it’s here: by Dj Soap

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