Archive for January 10, 2012

The non-promoted promo

Wow, I can’t believe the attention my latest mix has been getting. I put together some Electro tracks and decided I wasn’t going to do my normal promotion. No Twitter, no Facebook…nothing. I just passed it out to personal friends of mine and uploaded to Mixcloud and Mixcrate. But out of nowhere people started asking if I had any recent mixes. Of course I shared it with them. I wasn’t trying to hide the mix, just wasn’t going to pimp it out like normal. And thankfully I’ve been getting nothing but great reviews. Thanks supporters and new fans!!

I’m working on a progressive house mix and might do the same thing. Well, maybe I’ll post it to Twitter and Facebook once; just to see how well that does.


Anyways, here the mix. Electro Promo: First.

You can also find it on the Fux Mixes tab.