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Out with the new, in with the old.

I’ve been trying to figure out if there’s a better way to mix my tracks. After listening to hours and hours of mixes on NSB Radio I noticed that they tend to play almost the full song before mixing in the next tune. So I went about making a new mix for myself where I let most of the song play through before bringing in the next song.

So I recorded the mix and listened back. It sounded so amateur. Sort of like when first time DJ’s start out you can tell that they’re just waiting for the end to mix in. That’s because it’s the easiest to do. The music is starting to die on track A and track B has a typical light beginning ramp-up so they usually fit well. And that’s what I was doing…yuck!

I then listened back to some of my older mixes and I fell in love with my short mixing. Usually mixing when the mid-song break comes in. That way you still have the power of track A playing while introducing the beat from track B. The energy never falls too far off and the music keeps on moving. The problem with that is that you never get that nice cool down so that when the music picks up after the break it’s more intense.

So I’m going to try a hybrid of sorts. If the break is super phat I’m going to let it play through and mix more towards the end. If the break isn’t that great I’ll short mix it and keep the music goin’.


A New Beginning

If you've been to this site before, you can see that I've deleted all previous post. I hadn't updated in over a year and felt I needed a new start. I've kept the one post that sort of tells how I got my start.