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The Fuzzy Memory Backstory

I remember some of the earliest days of my techno music introduction. It was on the best radio stations to ever transmit across the towers; Rev 105. It was a show called Depth Probe hosted by Kevin Cole and DJ JT on the turntables with two hour sets of glorious Dance music. After that I’d switch over to 93.7 The Edge where Big Daddy Greg Comstock would be laying down the best in new and old school Industrial. That’s where I first heard one of my still favorite groups; Lords of Acid. It was during these times that I’m credited, by the man himself, with introducing the sounds of electric beats to one of Minneapolis’s best Dub Step DJs; DJ Blaze One. Or as I know him, Paul.


Skip ahead a few years and you’ll find me with two turntables and a cheap mixer. I tried to build up a nice vinyl collection but with little drive and weak jobs, it was very slow going. My turntables mostly sat around and were only used when I was really bored. I didn’t have the skills I wanted so I would alway get frustrated and stop.


Skip ahead a few more years and my life schedule has changed. I’m married and my wife has a hobby that forces me to bunker in my room and kill time. I started to play with my records more and forced my way through the frustration and started having fun.


Now I have some fancy new equipment and a friend/mentor (Paul) helping me out I’m ready to get serious about it.


Here’s what I’m working with:


Compaq Pasario CQ60-215DX laptop

2 Technique 1200 MKII turntables

Numark DMX06 2 channel mixer

Rane SL3

Serato Scratch Live 2.0 (beta)
Mixed In Key

The decks and computer running Serato Scratch Live

Rane SL3 (with the cables and blue light)