Blog school

I didn’t plan on writing again until I could resume my DJ’ing but a project in school is forcing me to blog a bit. So here it is. To prove that this is my site, enjoy this photo of an empty classroom.



The end of a good time

Earlier today I told the admins of that August 13th will be my last show for the site. And depending on how things go it might be my last performance as a DJ ever. The next week I start school. So that plus a 40 hour a week job; I won’t have the time I’d like to to make quality mixes.

I’m debating with myself to sell off my gear. But I’m also hesitant because…because some of my items have been with me for over 15 years. And maybe I’m just not done partying!

I’ll keep this site up at least until the domain expires, then I”ll explorer further. My mixes at MixCloud and MixCrate will all stay up. SoundCloud I’m not sure about because I’m sure I’ll soon tire of paying $10 every month to a site I don’t use very often.

Anyways, catch my last show on August 13th, 2013. I’ll be throwing down a huge 2 hour set. Breaks, drum and bass and hard style. It’s going to be massive.

I’m on

Yo yo yo! Here to let ya know I’m now an official DJ on

Catch me spinning Breaks, Hard Dance and Drum & Bass every Tuesday. 5p Pacific/7p Central. And if you’re over there in Europe it’s Wednesday morning at 1a.

If you do facebook give FadeFM a like and spread the word.


True Sounds Radio – Friday the 17th, April 2013

I’ll be making another appearance on True Sounds Radio hosted by Jeff Hunter.

This broadcast is on Friday, April 19th on from 7:00 pm to 9:00 pm Central Time (2013/04/29: 1am – 3am GMT). I’ll be playing the second half after Jeff.

This will be my second time appearing on the show but my first time playing live. The first one as a pre-recorded mix. You can listen to it on along with all the past shows from True Sounds Radio.

Hope to have your ears!


Beatport Top tracks

What does it say about me?

I downloaded a track a week ago. I thought this track would be perfect to start of a new set I’m working on. Just minutes ago I see that track is now number 1 on the Beatport Top 10 list. Now I’m not sure if I want that tack as my opener or even in the set at all. I’m so against buying off the top 10/100 list that I don’t want to include tracks that I know are on there in my collection. I mean, I know it’s going to happen, I just don’t want to know about it.

Sorry about this but the song is locked down so I can’t post the whole thing for you. It’s private on SoundCloud and not to be found on YouTube. Check it out on Beatport.